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    BINGO / gaming / high risk merchant account needed

    Does anyone know of a credit card merchant that will accept BINGO websites? I don't care if they consider me a gaming/gambling/high risk or whatever - I just need a credit card merchant account....

    I run a unique BINGO site that charges by the month instead of per game.... I tried several brokers, who told they could get me an account, but they all failed.... There are tons of casinos online accepting credit cards, but I can't figure out who they are using for their credit cards....

    I have been on this search for over a month now, with no luck....

    Thanks In Advance,
    [email protected]

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    Where are you incorporated?
    Credit card processing, online check/ACH and EuroDebit payment solutions for the Internet merchants

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    RIght now I am in Canada, where I am perfectly legal.... But eventually I am going to incorporate offshore, anyway...

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