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    B/W bound, CPU bound or MEMORY bound?

    in apache 2.0, each apache process uses aprx. 4-8 MB of RAM, in a general server with 512MB RAM, P4 2.4 GB CPU with 1000GB B/W, which one will be the first to saturate?

    this server only runs apache, no DB, no DNS, no email, no shared hosting, no dynamic content, no .htaccess....only giving the same little (less than 4k, fit in 1 single packet) answer to every request

    the apache is set to pre-span ~50 child processes and max request per child is set to ~1,000, no keepalive...

    which point will be the first to saturate?

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    Generally RAM first but, with only static content and no independent users, you should be using thttpd or boa for the job. Those would max out the bandwidth well before RAM or CPU.
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    If you are runnign nothing dynamic stop runnign apache, it is way too bloated for something that simple. Look at something like thttpd which is MUCH lighter and faster. The downside is that it does not support all the fancy stuff like php, but you do not need that. You can also lower you timeouts in apache to a lot lower then normal if you stay with it since you do not need to keep the connection open as long as the defaults have it.

    I would guess bandwidth/cpu would start to become an issue if you run thttpd because it would take almost nothing to process each request and if they are all the same would be in RAM.
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