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    Need help with simple mysql/php script

    Hi all,

    we are launching a new website and have everything set up, however we are having some problems with a simple script for the mysql database. It's function is to allow me to upload a text file and then to read the contents of that text file and diplay it on a webpage, organized in a table.

    We are having problems with toHtml() functions, and need someone to look over the code (it's not very long) and try to find out why it's not printing to the webpage.

    We were also thinking of using Print() functions instead of toHtml(), if the toHtml() functions cannot work, and change the code to using Print() functions instead.

    thanks in advance.

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    You should just use a simple PHP upload script. If you want one, I can give you it.
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    yes! that would be great!

    thank you very much!

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