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    Question about Domain forwarding/parking

    I have several domains that I want to point to a single domain with content on it.

    I typically do this with a simple redirect. However, I noticed something interesting today when I tested the domains that are pointing to my main domain.

    Let me give you the full picture so that you know all that I know about the situation!

    My main site is
    I have 3 other domains to point
    (I apologize for not posting actual links...the forum says I can't until I have posted 5 times)

    I already had on my server and had a simple redirect for it pointing to That worked fine...BUT...I then added the two .net domains to my server. I then tested all three. simply did the redirect and the url read However, with the two .nets, the url read and but the full content of the site was there, it just had the different domain name.

    I can only guess that I somehow had that set up ahead of time BEFORE I added it to my server because shortly after I added them to my server it has stopped doing this accept for the index page. When you click to enter the site you get a 404 error. But it definitely was behaving perfectly at first with just the different domain. I disable hosting for THAT domain behaves as I want them all to 404...just the different domain name in the url.

    Basically, I LOVE the way that worked with the domain name changing and the content remaining.

    Does anyone know how I may have done this?

    Can anyone help with this?

    Matt Tyree

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    Hello Matt,

    This can be done using 301 redirection. The following link shall help you.
    Serach for 301 redirection in google and you'll get the solution


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    Hello Matt,

    I got intersted and read your post again. Here is how you do it ...
    The most simple way to set a 301 redirection is to add an entry in the .htaccess file.

    The entry is

    redirect 301 /old/old.htm domain name (to the which you want to redirect )

    Go Ahead !

    Let me know if you got it correct :-)

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    Originally posted by technocatch
    The entry is

    redirect 301 /old/old.htm domain name (to the which you want to redirect )
    So, let me see if I'm understanding your syntax correctly...

    Would I type "redirect 301 index.html"

    index.html being the index file of the redirected domain and being the destination domain

    Does that look right?


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    I shall make it more clear
    redirect 301 /old/old.htm

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    You need a simple PHP script for 301 redirect:

    header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
    header("Connection: close");


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    Okay...I did the 301 redirect but I'm still not getting the effect I want. I did the 301 for

    When you go to that url the index file does show and shows the content for However, when you click the logo to enter the site, the url switches to

    My control panel software allows me to do redirects that give me that result without making a 301 redirect.

    What I really want is for the url to still say the domain the user typed would just show the content for

    Does that make sense?


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    If your logo is linked like this:

    <a href="http://fullurl.tld/"><img src="logo.ext" alt="logo" /></a>
    Change the logo url to just "index.html".

    I am not an expert in html, just trying to help

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    Well, it's all done from site root. So, instead of just "index.html", it's "/index.html" which tells it that the file is in the root directory.

    I don't think that's my problem...but thanks for the good intentions!

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