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    I'm looking for a host similar to layeredtech but closer to australia.

    Have been looking at

    on this page they have nicely priced dedicated, but the bandwidth is described as "10mbits Shared Unguaranteed Internet Bandwidth"

    I'm really not sure what to make of this. As far as I know, if there were two servers on the connection trying to get 1000gb of transfer per month then this would max it out?

    This would be fine initially... but I'm eventually hoping to get up to 1200gb by myself

    Any suggestions or reviews of
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    They have been in business for quite sometime since they were one of the players in shell hosting when we were still in that field.

    Why not drop them a mail to get more info about it?

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    You can look for Heng Chai, I think he is one of the founders.

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