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    * Terrible Hosting Policies (and Customer Service) at 1&1

    So I signed up for a few days ago, using 1& to both register the domain and get hosting. Using FTP I created a simple sight with photos, etc. Nothing too big--which is why I am not fuming that my contract was cancelled, my access denied and my site replaced with a giant error message in German.

    Because I am in Tokyo right now on business, they claim I could potentially be some evil hacker cheating Joh Schmoh (an American) out of 30 bucks and the site, In a rather accusatory email, they state:

    Unfortunately one must be a resident of the US/Canada to become a client of
    1&1 Internet Inc. This includes only residents of the 50 US states and not
    residents of offshore territories and protectorates.

    Your order details show that you purchased this account in JAPAN. As a
    result, we will ask that you provide proof of US or Canadian residency.

    Though I am a citizen and resident of the US, I figured it would be worth the hassle of faxing some documents to them and I jumped through their hoops and faxed my DL. When they shut down my site anyway, I called and they refuse to unlock the domain or allow me to transfer MY domain to another host. What do they want with my domain?

    On top of all this, I received an invoice today saying my CC would be charged.

    They should be exposed for hijacking my website...

    Any other 1& stories?
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    I am sorry to hear that they have did this to you. If they charge you, I would suggest a chargeback against them. Their actions are unreasonable. It seems like they do not want international revenues.
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    Very sorry to see this happen to you, Try and contact your bank to claim the money back if its possible..

    Good luck.

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    Sorry to hear that. I agree probably chargeback would be the best solution
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    but what millersan, was seeking is an advice how can i get my domian back as 1and1 refuse to give it back to him.

    Terrible experience of 1and1 support since I suggested a client in uk to host with them for whom we are developing portal. Since the first day their support is low quality and it takes 72 hrs to respond. We have to email client to call 1and1 support to escalate the support ticket as free phone support was part of his one of the high-end 1and1 shared windows account. Now we are going to move from them to another uk host. Based on my experience you would have people hosted with them without any problem since long and you would also have customer like us.

    Very sorry to hear they loacked your domain too!

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    I checked the WHOIS on your domain and it's registered with a German company called Schlund+Partner AG. I believe this is their site: You could try going directly through the registrar but their site is written in German so I'm not sure how that would work.

    The WHOIS shows you are the Registrant and Admin Contact so you legally have a right to the name, it's yours. One and One may try to retain some of what you paid as a domain name registration fee, but they should refund you and release it to you. They may have some crazy policy about non-US signups but you did nothing wrong or unlawful.

    Once you return to the States I would continue calling them and try speaking to a representative.

    Is One and One even located in the states? I know their servers are but where are their call centers, headquarters?

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    Yeah, I hate them. Strong, but that suck, I guess it's just another company that got too big and now it sucks. I cancelled my account and then 3 weeks later I got a charge on my credit card. I wrote them and they said even though they received my cancel letter it was not signed....I was like, WTF, thanks for telling me instead of charging my damn card. As of today, no refund!

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    Depressing story. This company does indeed have a poor customer satisfaction record, according to my research.
    I hope the domain issue will get resolved.
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    As far as I see your site is back online, so is it correct to assume that you got things resolved?

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