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    Question PCI Certificated Hosting Center

    Is there someone that know if there are any other PCI compliant/certifiad hosting centers in EUROPE or the US ?

    PCI = Visa/MC qualificated/certifiad hosting center.

    Any input will help alot. Please only post if you know something about it. There are as far as I know only a few hosting companies out there which complay.

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    I found two today.


    I'm new here, so I can't post these as URLs, but they're both .com addresses. I'll most likely be going with Hostasaurus Level 2. Just waiting to hear back from a friend of mine that has clients on their servers.

    It's disheartening to see how many non-compliant web hosts there are, and to hear that most won't even try, much less very hard, to get compliant unless they're mandated to do so.

    It's also frightening to know how many smaller merchants could care less about spending time to make sure they're sites are secure, and to hold their own web hosts accountable.

    For me, if I only got one customer per month, I don't care to jeopardize that persons information by allowing my site to be hosted on a server that could be hijacked, phished, or otherwise compromised.

    Scary part for me is, I'm sometimes the customer. I'll be looking for security banners from here on out wherever I shop online. I believe online is more secure than in-person charges, and would like for it to stay that way.

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