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Thread: viva la bam

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    viva la bam

    I used to be a big fan of bam margera. During the days of jackass, those CKY videos, He seemed like a cool guy.

    Now, the more i watch his show "viva la bam" on mtv, the more i hate him.

    His ego is huge, and you can tell all the reactions his friends, and family produce are scripted.

    share your feelings.

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    I think it's at the point where they have to be. It's impossible for him to get away with all of this.

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    I cant stand him. He has total disregard for anyones feelings.
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    He shattered the fine line between acting funny and acting stupid. When he did things to himself it was funny, but doing things to other people is just stupid. I can't stand viva la bam, though.
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    He is so funny lol, but i think that i couldnt do what he does also have you seen that new show on comedy centeral named con lol thats cool also...

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    ugh don't even get me started on him or that show. my husband watches it; I leave the room. It pisses me off the way he treats his family - scripted or not. that's a horrible example to be setting for young men (whom I assume are the target audience of the show).

    The episode where Johnny Knoxville cut Bam's SUV in half was pretty good though
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    Re: viva la bam

    Originally posted by mikeylove
    I used to be a big fan of bam margera. During the days of jackass... (h)e seemed like a cool guy.
    Agreed. Jackass was fairly harmless (except of the pain of the guys involved). As they spread out it seems they need to 'hurt' innocent people more - and that's just not right. It's not funny anymore.
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    They film the show around here (Westchester). Occasionaly they do local promos. Just last week Don Vito was at a local bar. Although it's relatively scripted IMO.
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    I have seen the CKY movies and I used to watch Jackass when it first came out. After a while I stopped watching Jackass because I didn't find it entertaing anymore. I haven't seen any of the cast's own solo shows. I probably would not find them entertaining.

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    Jackass the movie was great.

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