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    RedEye-Media in Need of [PHP CODER/Slicer]

    Hello to everyone,

    My name is Jon, I am the owner of an up and coming media website. Here is a brief overview of the company you will be working with. Our company name is RedEye-Media and we are a company that specializes in all facets of media ranging from: gaming, web hosting, movie and game reviews, and articles relating to both the gaming and tech world. Currently we have received contact from both Atari and Firestone, two major company names just to show how dedicated and sought out our company really is.

    Job Overview:
    Since our birth, RedEye-Media has been growing non-stop, and so we have decided to move our company into a new direction which has to deal with the gaming and tech world. We are making the transition to a second version of our company, and our website. Simply put, we are upgrading our whole company to what people love most and want to read and learn about on the web. Our current website is not one that we want and that is why we created a new template that is awaiting your help.
    Our template for the v.2 of the website is complete, the look that we are going for is also defined by the look of the template. What we are in need of now is a Slicer and Coder to help us get our new website up and running. So the things we would need from you would be to Slice our template and code it in php so it will be able for our use and we would be able to upload our numerous articles and other media content for the site.
    This job is very essential to the success of our company and would be a job for the Coder/Slicer that would join up with us.

    Job Payment/Compensation:
    For the professional that would be helping us with our company site we would of course be providing such payment/compensations that would be fair for doing this job. Also if interested, we may also want to hire you as our official coder for the company and help us with the coding and keeping the site efficient as well as functional. Here is the payment/compensation that we could provide for this job.

    - 1000mb of hosting, with 50,000mb of bandwidth free for 6 months.
    - Permanent advertising to your site/company (as long as it is not a hosting, server, or game server company)
    - Additional payment can be determined if you contact me.

    Contact Information:
    Email: [email protected]
    Aim: jmbiddy

    Current Website:

    Please Contact me asap if you are interested, and remember that we need this job done as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your time,
    Jon Mead, Owner: RedEye-Media

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