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    Billing/Shopping Cart Software

    I'd like recommendations on these, but not ones that are specifcally made for web hosts. I'd like one for an on-line store.


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    Hello Anime,

    Although Im sure people will pipe in with the usual recommendations - I dont think you can really consider any recommendations until you provide a better indication of your actual requirements.

    There are MANY shopping cart solutions available. Can you let us know what types of products/services you will be selling and which features you feel are imperative to have?


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    The products being sold will be specialty foods, and by features I don't really know what you mean. If you could provide example, that'd be great - but off the top of my head, if they could be considered features.

    The ability for someone to find out how many orders were done, and the customer information (address and phone only - no biling info).

    Paypal + Merchant Account Direct Access for Automation

    Those are the only things I can think of off the top of my head, but other "feature" examples would be great.

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    You might want to take a look at:

    MediaLayer, LLC - Learn how we can make your website load faster, translating to better conversion rates for your business!
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    Thanks, any other suggestions/recommendations?

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    There are simply too many options to consider.

    Things you may want to take into consideration when making your shopping cart decision are how many products you will be selling, how are you actually going to manage your products and inventory, do you need to sync with a 3rd party accounting package, do you require search engine friendly characteristics, are you able to customize it yourself, or do you require assistance. what is your budget and how much support do you require (commercial vs open source)

    Zen Cart (already mentioned) & osCommerce are 2 of the better open source options available

    ShopSite and MonsterCommerce are some of the better commercial options.

    Hope this helps...

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    There will currently be about 12-14 products being sold, with more in the future.

    Inventory and Products will be managed by a seperate division from Billing, and it's prefered they have their own login away from billing information. It doesn't need to sync with 3rd party account package, would like for it to be skinned and be able to fully integrate to a website. Budget is pretty much unlimited, and would prefer a more commercial option.

    I'll look into all 3 of your new suggestions, but would still like more options.


    For a more idea, I'd like something extremely similar to ModernBill, but general instead of strictly web hosting. Both similar with interface, and options alike.

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    fully integrate to a website
    Based on this requirement alone your options become much more narrow - which is a good thing

    The easiest cart to use as far as integrating with an existing website is shopsite. You load your products from a web based interface and shopping cart code snippets are generated. Place these codes into your existing html pages - and you ready to start taking orders....

    You can either buy the package outright and host it on your own servers, or you can contact one of their partners and get one of their shopsite hosting packages (which include the cost of the license)

    Sounds like an interesting project - best of luck with your search and please check back and let us know what you decided to go with...

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    I'd like something VERY professional looking, and clean.

    Like I said, much like ModernBill - just not used to Web Hosting.

    A lot of what I'm looking for is based off of Interface.

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    I'd like something VERY professional looking, and clean.
    One of the true advantages of utilizing a shopping cart solution that integrates with an existing website is that the appearance isnt dictated or restricted by the shopping cart itself, but, rather by the design of your site - which leads to greater flexibility and personalization...

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