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    where are you located and where is your datacenter located

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    Hi, I would like to apply for this if it isn't filled yet, My name is Paul Tamarin, I live in NJ about 30-40 min from New York City. I have the following certifications which i would be willing to fax a copy of if necessary; Comptia A+, Mos Word, and Mos PP. I have worked in and around web hosting and web servers for the past 2 years. I can say that I am fluent in HTML, CPanel, PHP, MySQL, Flash, Linux, Windows 2003 server, Dreamweaver, etc.. I am home for the summer from school so I will be avaliable 24/7 for any issues that need fixing.


    aim: ferrari62589
    email: total.assault [at]


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    we are located in Lindenhurst, NY (Long Island) and our DC is on Broad St (Downtown).
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    i am interested, i am in queens, ny and sent you an e-mail


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    Let me know if you are still looking, I am in Manhattan and have experience with servers / datacenters.

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