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    could you review my website?

    Hi, you know, I have one of those times when you don't seem to mention any error, or problem, color distortion... I worked on this website for a stretched amount of time, so my eyes are used to it... I need some fresh view and advices, what can I change? are the colors right? Is something wrong with font/text? Just added design category, there are some logos and things... I think those buttons I did are a little bit out of styel...

    Do you like this website? Any suggestions to improve it?

    Thanks in advance.

    ~ TAN

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    I realy like the Design,

    The red in the Menu's are a little dark, so maybe you could change it to the same color of the Red in the Header.

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    thanks...I'm glad you like it... about those red, you are right, that needs to be done!

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    nice and effective design

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    Personally I'd remove the background image along the left and right sides, as they can be distracting when trying to focus on the content in the middle. Instead, try rotating the image and then implementing it into the page footer. I think that may look better.

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