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    Wildwest is dropping the revenue share.

    Interesting news for WildWest resellers (and really everyone).
    The are dropping the revenue share idea but they are actually raising the buy rates.
    It was $6.75 and they are raising it to $7.00.
    But in the end I guess it is 3 cents cheaper since you do not have to give out the 25% anymore. But they do not allow you to sell any lower than the $7.85 yet.

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    Thanks Tiggee for that update... I always thought that 25% revenue sharing was a bit excessive. I just wish that GD/WWD would give their resellers more of a direct link with their customers in order to cross-sell them other services. It is my understanding that WWD resellers can't even get a list of their own customers. Is that true?
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    Man... I wished I edited that email a little bit.
    Can a moderator please edit the *'s so that the screen is not soo long....

    4solutions, no that is wrong. You can get a list of all of your customers and I guess now they are giving tools to where you can email all of them also.

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    Thanks again for the info, Tiggee, I learn something new everyday.

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    The reason for this is that ICANN has increased the price for all ICANN members by 0.25cents and they are passing this on to the end user. Some domain companies are taking in the costs but others will push up their prices. Tucows has done the same.


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    si2040... I'm not sure if you read the post or not maybe read it incorrectly.

    But this has nothing to do with the ICANN fees (which has already been talked to death on this forum).

    WildWest is actually lowering their prices and they are changing their pricing model entirely.

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