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    4 strange stories 3 True & 1 False .. guess which?

    Three of the Four stories are true only one is fiction, see if you can guess which one is fiction A game, to see what we know and who can guess right

    Story 1: Doorway to the Past

    In 1963, Colleen Buterbaugh was the secretary for the dean of Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska. One October of that year, Ms. Buterbaugh somehow stepped back in time. She was on her way to deliver a message for the dean and opened the door to an office she had been in many times before. But this time it was different. A musty odor hung in the room. Standing in the room was a tall woman with dark hair and wearing an old-fashioned floor-length skirt. Ms. Buterbaugh was puzzled as she had never seen this woman before. Oddly, the dark-haired woman seemed not to notice Ms. Buterbaugh’s entrance at all; she raised an arm toward some shelves... and faded away into nothingness. The woman looked solid enough, so Ms. Buterbaugh did not consider at first she might be a ghost. But who was actually the phantom in the room? When Ms. Buterbaugh looked out the office window, all of the modern buildings and familiar streets were gone, replaced by a vacant, open field. She ran terrified from the room. Regaining her composure after some time, she finally related her experience to the dean and then to another faculty member who had been on the campus since 1900. He was able to find old photographs of the campus as it appeared in 1915 – and it looked very much as Ms. Buterbaugh had seen it out the window. Moreover, they even identified the dark-haired woman – a teacher who had died in that strange office back in the 1930s.

    Story 2: Coincidence in the Wind
    French astronomer Camille Flammarion was the benefactor of a remarkable coincidence in the late 1800s. For many months he had been working on a major book about the Earth’s atmosphere – L’Atmosphère. As he was laboring over a chapter on the wind, oddly enough, a strong gust blew in his window, lifted his just-written pages off the desk and carried them out the window and out of sight. Flammarion was disheartened over the loss of his work. This was an age without computers or even carbon paper, of course, and Flammarion was resigned to rewrite the missing pages. He was more than startled, however, when a few days later he received typeset page proofs from his publisher that contained the lost pages! How could this be? He later learned what had happened.
    The wind had carried the pages to the street below where a courier for the publisher just happened to be passing. He simply picked up the scattered pages and took them to the publisher... as usual

    Story 3: Ghost Ship’s Skeleton Crew
    In 1913, the British sailing ship Johnson was making its way down the coastline of Chile. The crew spotted another ship approaching, its sails billowing in the wind. Following maritime protocol, they signaled the unknown ship, but received no reply. The captain ordered his ship to advance on the other ship to identify it and perhaps lend assistance, if needed. Little did they know that the mysterious ship was far beyond any help. As the Johnson approached, the crew noticed that the unknown ship’s sails were virtually covered with green moss, something no diligent navy would allow. Moving even closer, it looked to the crew that the ship, for some reason, had been abandoned. They were not prepared for what they would find upon boarding the vessel.
    The ship’s deck was so decayed that it could barely be walked on without caving in. One skeleton was found beneath the helm, six more on the bridge and ten in the crew’s quarters. On the prow of the ghost vessel was its name: Marlborough Glasgow. A subsequent investigation uncovered the facts about the Marlborough. It had departed the port of Littleton, New Zealand in January, 1890 with a crew of 23. It had disappeared, was searched for and eventually assumed lost at sea. Yet it had somehow been sailing the waters of the South Pacific with a dead crew for 23 years! And what killed its faithful crew is unknown.

    Story 4: Man with the Magic Hands
    Anyone might want to think twice before shaking hands with Clive Annerette because it’s unknown what effects those hands might have. Mr. Annerette of Minot, North Dakota became something of a local celebrity and media (and medical) curiosity in the 1940s with his demonstrations of extraordinary powers literally at his fingertips. He could illuminate an unpowered lightbulb, for example, simply by squeezing the metal tip in either of his hands. Upon request he could perform many other unexplained feats. After holding a glass of tap water in his hands for about five minutes, the water would begin to turn to ice. Conversely, he showed that he could place a hand in a bowl of water that, after awhile, would begin to bubble and boil. An ordinary nail held between his thumb and forefinger would instantly become magnetized enough to pick up several other nails.
    During one outdoor public demonstration, he invited members of the audience to bring to him any pets they might have brought with them. Three dogs and one cat were brought on stage. To everyone’s amazement, as Annerette stroked each animal in turn, they almost instantly fell into a deep sleep. It was a feat he didn’t care to do too much, he said, because it upset the pet owners too much. Annerette was examined by doctors, scientists and professional magicians alike, none of whom could account for his mysterious powers.

    First you guess and then I'll tell ya which is one is wrong.. so lets see who can guess which one is wrong

    Its #4 thats wrong!!!!!!!!!! -- OK lets be honest,WHO GOT IT RIGHT??

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    Why did I scroll all the way to the bottom right from the start...
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    i said it was 1 or 4 so im technically right...
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    Originally posted by Milovan
    Why did I scroll all the way to the bottom right from the start...
    I'm in the same boat as you..

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    I read the first line of each and decided it was 1.

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    Number 1 is fiction.
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