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    After over a month in the making has finally launched its VPS offerings. Based on the blazing fast virtualization technology "Xen" we can offer the fastest VPS servers at some of the lowest prices.

    VPS Basic
    5 Gigabyte Space
    50 Gigabyte Transfer
    128MB Dedicated Ram
    192MB Swap
    24/7 Support
    Only 19.95/month
    Click Here For More Info

    VPS Standard
    15 Gigabyte Space
    150 Gigabyte Transfer
    256MB Dedicated Ram
    384MB Swap
    24/7 Support
    Only 39.95/month
    Click Here For More Info

    VPS Advanced
    20 Gigabyte Space
    200 Gigabyte Transfer
    384MB Dedicated Ram
    512MB Swap
    24/7 Support
    Only 59.95/month
    Click Here For More Info

    VPS Complete
    30 Gigabyte Space
    300 Gigabyte Transfer
    512MB Dedicated Ram
    1024MB Swap
    24/7 Support
    Only 79.95/month
    Click Here For More Info


    The Xen/VPSEasy Advantage
    1. Proven to be faster then other VM technology such as UML or VMWare.
    2. Because it allocated physical ram to each VPS its impossible to oversell. So be assured you are getting all of what you paid for.
    3. Choose between multiple operating systems, if you need a custom OS installed feel free to ask our techs about it.
    4. Install your own kernel modules (including IPTables)

    Visit our website at for more information. You can also email [email protected] at anytime.
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    i think ur prices is good , tell me when u could setup VPS ?

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