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    * cPanel/WHM Reseller Specials - 20GB Space/200GB BW @ 9.95/Monthly or $69.95/Year

    My Kind Of Host announces its Reseller Special.
    20GB Space, 200GB BW @ $9.95/Month or $69.95/Year
    Limited Time Special - Only for new accounts

    Our Company
    Name : My Kind Of Host
    Website :
    Company Overview :
    Payment : Credit Card via 2CHECKOUT
    (Paypal can also be accepted now on request. Only verified Paypal members)
    For PHPinfo :

    Sales Contact
    Email : [email protected]

    Bandwidth : GigE PCCW/Beyond The Network, XO Communications, Cogent, Level3, and Global Crossing
    Restrictions : No Irc/Adult/Warez Content

    Reseller Special
    20GB Space
    200GB Bandwidth
    Your own Nameservers

    $09.95 Per Month
    $69.95 Per Year

    NOTE : If you wish to try for one month & upgrade later to the yearly price, our regular yearly price of $89.95 would apply.

    Available : 4

    Order Now -

    Account Features

    99.5% Uptime Guaranteed
    WHM/CPanel latest current build
    X-Reseller - resell reseller accounts*
    Resell Unlimited Accounts
    Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited auto responders
    Unlimited email forwarders
    Unlimited email aliases
    Unlimited FTP accounts/logins/users
    Your own POP/Smtp mail server (
    Horde, Neomail & Squirrelmail web based email clients
    Interchange Shopping Cart
    Web-based File Manager
    Microsoft® FrontPage Extensions
    Detailed Web statistics (Webalizer, FTP Statistics, Analog)
    HTML, XHTML, VRML, WAP, WML, Wireless, Shockwave, Flash Ready
    PHP 4.3.8
    Perl 5.6
    Free Perl Module Installations
    Server Side Includes
    Python, Tcl C, C++
    mySQL Server with PhpMyAdmin Database's
    Spam Filter System
    Default "Catch All" Email
    Mailing Lists Manager
    Modification of MIME types
    Customizable 404 Error Pages
    Password Protect Directories
    File Management Tools
    Access to Raw Log files
    SSH / Telnet Access
    Overselling allowed (ONLY BASIC SHARED ACCOUNTS)
    Network Troubleshooter & Tools
    24/7 Server and Network Monitoring
    Live Customer Help
    24/7 Technical Support
    And much more...

    * with X-Reseller, you can resell 'reseller' accounts, you simply have to email us the specifications (space / bandwidth) of the reseller accounts you want and we will create them for you either one by one (when you need them) or by bulk (like 5 or more at a time, so that you have them ready for your customers). The resources of these 'reseller' accounts will be deducted from your main account. You can sell unlimited 'reseller' accounts (within the limits of your space / bandwidth - overselling 'reseller' accounts is not allowed).

    IP : $1 Per Month / $10 Per Year
    1 GB Space : $1 Per Month / $10 Per Year
    1 GB Bandwidth : $3 Per Month / $30 Per Year
    1 GB Space + 1 GB Bandwidth : $3.50 Per Month / $35 Per Year

    Contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

    PS :-
    1. This special is exclusive for WHT Members & are not listed anywhere on our website.

    2. Please do not post your questions on the board or PM them to me, I am not very frequent on WHT so emailing [email protected] would be the fastest way to get a reply.

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    How can you make money with such cheap prices?

    Insane... IMO

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    well they are only offering four at the special price, other than that their normal plans appear to be around par for the course.

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    Re: cPanel/WHM Reseller Specials - 20GB Space/200GB BW @ 9.95/Monthly or $69.95/Year

    24/7 Technical Support

    I submitted several tickets but no any response. my sub reseller is still waiting.

    Already 18 hrs.....

    Thank you

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    got the support.

    thank you

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    All sites has been down for nearly 10 hrs. I sent two requests but still no response....

    one of my clients told me:
    I received an email saying that i would be moved to another server, so I changed the nameservers to the new ips. Now all my files have dissapeared... do you have a backup?


    how should I do?

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    I sent 2 reqs. more than 25 hrs but not an action from help desk !!!!

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