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    Unhappy WorldPay with ModernBill? The realization of my dreams or another nightmare?

    Hi there,

    I'm thinking of using ModernBill with WorldPay's recurring FuturePay.
    I REALLY want things to go smoothly, but I fear that it will be another disaster.
    Anyone have experience with this? And what about FuturePay Limited? Anyone know about that with ModernBill?

    Here's what I want:
    I customer signs up and chooses WorldPay. They are given an UNCOMPLICATED screen to put in their information. The credit card is billed regularely, and ModernBill records it when its made.
    They don't need to "log in" to make payment, and I can change the terms as I please.

    Is this at all possible? What about e-mails? Will MBill send an email, and then WorldPay ALSO send an e-mail? Please let me know of an nags or snags.

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    I am not using WordPay with ModernBill, but have been a customer of a company which used this combination for billing. Recurring billing will work just as you described, as long as the monthly payment amount does not change. If you need to upgrade the customer, I believe the only way is to do that manually, by canceling the old Futurepay recurring agreement and creating a new one.

    With every recurring charge, the customer will receive emails both from ModernBill and WordPay.

    If you plan to integrate WorldPay with Modernbill I would highly suggest digging through the Worldpay forum at - you should find a lot of info from people with firsthand knowledge.

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