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    Did NeuStar try to contact any of .US domain holders to prove their idenity?

    The identity which is Perm. US Resident/US Citizen, required by NeuStar to register .US domains.

    I'm currently holding some .US domains, however I am not even living in US. Will I be so lucky that get caught by NeuStar?

    And has anyone already got request from NeuStar to prove their identity?


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    I have a lot of domains, and have a few friends who work at registrars.

    I have not heard (nor have they) of anyone getting contacted. As far as I know they only do the identity checks (verify registrant/admin contact data) upon registration (format, etc. not the actual data itself).

    Although with them doing the "No more id protection" stuff, they may still have an ace up their sleave.

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