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    Help with starting a domain name site

    I need help to set up my domain name registeration site.
    I would like something that is semi-automated. This is because I might be the one manually registering domains for my customers but I will be allowing customers access their domains
    I will be registering domains manually for my customers .
    I own a payment gateway similar to paypal.
    My plan is to offer domain registration to my users (who are people without access to credit cards}
    My plan is to maybe prefill my own domain name name registration account and once the clients payments have been made to me.
    I shall register the domain and also provide the customer with means of managing the domain himself.
    I want the client to be able to edit his dns and and do all sorts..
    However I should still have final control over the domain in case the client uses it for any criminal activity
    But the client should be be able to manage his domain name himself via a password interface.
    The client must not see enom as the domain register when managing his domain.
    Can anyone tell me the way to go about this??
    I am from a 3 world country and my users dont have access to credit cards.

    I might be doing over 500 domains a months

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    I suggest you to use awbs has what you want

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    Your users are all from third world contries and they do not have access to credit cards yet you think you will be selling over 500 domains per month?

    How will these users be paying for their domains?

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    Welcome to the forum, adegoke

    I believe that you can go with either eNom or Directi to fill your needs. Both will allow you to manually register domains for customers and then allow the customers to directly access their domain name control panel with their own login and password.

    Personally, I find eNom to be a more reliable system.

    Tiggee makes a good point... 500 domains is quite a lot of domains to be manually inputing and registering for customers every month for not a lot of profit on each one. Just my opinion.
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