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    feed back needed on

    hey guys,

    If any of you have some info about please let me know.

    How're their services?
    Are there any complaints against them?


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    Search these forums.
    You'll find complaints, praises, and everything in between.
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    I used liquidweb for a shared hosting account way back in the day (1998-1999) and I was impressed by their service. But you probably don't care about my opinion from 6-7 years ago Try using the search function on these forums. They're a pretty large host, you should find a lot of posts about them.
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    I am sure I used to be host with them and they refunded me all my money when I left them. Their price was too high for me that I moved.

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    Do a search, there are a ton of posts about them.

    Our experience: Great company, friendly sales, great support, excellent value.

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    ive been looking into them a lot lately and plan to move my sites and any new sites i make to there servers soon. i didnt find many people who had anything bad to say about them and ususaly the people that did were unjustified IMHO. I had some questions for them and used the online form on the site to contact them. the first time i got an awnser in 2 hours (it was a technical question so im asuming they had to ask a sysadmin), the other 2 questions were awnsered in less than 5 mins via email! So if they treated me that well and im not even a paying customer yet, i can only assume support to be as good when you are if not better, and nothing i found on these boards said otherwise.
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    Have somewhat limited experience with them, but to me that's a great thing. Have had a server with them about 6 weeks now. It's been rock solid and after the initial couple days of getting everything up and running have had very little contact with them (that's where the great part comes in). Support is quick and seems very friendly and knowledgable.
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    I have been with Liquid Web for a few months now, and yet to experience any problems with them. Excelent server uptime and speeds, with some very reliable and efficient support staff. Well worth the money in my opinion.

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    I met with the owner of liquidweb at hosting con he is a really great guy, really smart, they do know what they are doing!
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    If you search the forums, you will find plenty of reviews on them.

    Best of luck with your search

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    I've been with them for more than a year on shared pro account. I've never had any big problems with them. They fix and answer questions very fast. Serious business that does care about their customers.

    One thing that is sorta annoying - they advertise shared accounts with all extra free domain names, but in reality you can only host one website per shared account - all domains have to point to the same website (you need to pay extra to host "free" domains as separate websites).

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    Liquidweb is top notch. Worth the money and then some - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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