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    Unhappy GoDaddy as a host? Good? Bad? Any Comments?

    Hello i was just wondering what everyone thought of GoDaddy as a web host. Any good?

    This search for a good safe host worries me sometimes....

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    Personally I would worry about having a site with a company whose focus has always been domains. With that said they are one of the fastest growing hosts so they must not to be to brutal. I would suggest doing a search here on WHT as I believe there are a few threads about there hosting service.
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    I agree Lubby do research and I mean lots of it if you are asking about godaddy, theres thousands of threads like Lubby said here.

    good luck

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    Don't you ever think of going with Godaddy as a host, i had a really bad experience with them a while ago.

    They oversell (more than 2500 websites hosted on the same server) and blacklist certain IPs which take a lot of bandwidth from them for a few minutes , etc...

    I had one site there and, after a while i knew i was spending more time opening support tickets than updating my site so i did what i should have done a while ago.... move away.

    They might be the best around for domains but not for hosting

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    by just looking at their prices you could tell they oversell but 2500 sites per server is pretty outrageous! Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
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    Okay, my client is running his site for ordinary e-Commerce site.
    First, I bought the dedicated server hosting plan and provides PLESK for controlling server. However, because of the slow multi language packages by SWsoft (the company where developed PLESK), So, I had to stop using the dedicated server, which wasn't able to support further. I signed up for Linux because I used Zen Cart (open source PHP program). Even though I signed up for Linux hosting plan, there are lots of problems, such as no usr directory, not professional support representative (they are all saying different answers for a quesiton) ...etc. needs to improved lots of things if they want to keep supporting Linux support plan.

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    i think that Godaddy has a great domain system, but is not so great for all the other services that it has. I would rather go with for web hosting that gives a free domain

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    Well i have seen a couple of complain regarding to service and support and you might want to do a research on it.

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    Do a search here. I don't know if you'll find even one good review (well, maybe one or two).
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    Do a search. It'll help to do your research. But personally, I wouldn't go with godaddy. They're really a 'domain' place, no?

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