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    AHH! need help with restoring a database

    Okay, so I previously had a VPS with mySQL 4.1.11 installed on it, now I moved to a reseller account with 4.0.24 on the server. Problem is, I can't restore my databases from my websites on my VPS because it is incompatible. Is there any way to make my database compatible? PLEASE HELP! I really need these databases restored!

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    How many databases do you have?

    If it's a few then I suggest that you download the MySQL databases onto a *.sql file and then upp it via phpMyAdmin. You can download them with phpMyAdmin (don't worry it's free ).

    You can download phpMyAdmin from

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    Hi, I already solved the problem. Thank you. And yes, I already knew that solution. The problem wasn't with HOW to upload it, but HOW to make it compatible with another version of mySQL

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