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    In Need Of An Awesome WebHost/Server Provider


    I'm brand new to this website and I'm not sure where exactly to post this I'm cross posting this on the "Dedicated Server" forum.

    Here's my situation. My company currently has a T1 line from MPower. Our current WebHost is AplusNet.

    Now Aplus is "ok", but they're some what limited in regards to the type of functionality that we're looking for.

    For starters, we need a really good Host that provides various types and levels of FTP services. Aplus and others usually just give you "Multiple FTP Accounts" which is ok and will work for some but not for us.

    We need the level of FTP functionality as if we're actually running our own internal FTP Server.

    Most WebHosts give you "Multiple FTP Accounts" so there's basically only one login per account and of course it has full root/admin rights.

    We need a Host that will give us a more sophisticated level of FTP functionality, so we can have not only "Multiple FTP Accounts" but have "Multiple Log-ins" per account.

    That way we can pick and choose what exactly we want "others" to see when they log-in based on their username/password and also choose when and where they have either read access, write access or both.

    Another area is in the subject of Mailing Lists. Aplus and others give you a level of functionality as far as Mailing Lists are concerned and allow you to manage it via the "Plesk Control Panel".

    Now this is "ok", but I would like to have the freedom to "customize" certain aspects of a Mailing List as if I were running "Major Domo" in house.

    Web-based forums would be nice, something that's easy to setup and manage with additional options and a higher level of control.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be truly appreciated!



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    Sounds like your best bet would actually be a VPS - that way you could customize everything.

    Why? reproduction of the a lot of the above would be somewhat hard to offer on a shared machine due to FTP daemon limitations, control panel limitations, etc.
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    Hey David;

    Thanks so much for the reply! Any suggestions on an awesome VPS provider, please let me know!

    For others that provide feedback, please let me know the names of the providers that you can recommend. We're looking to move asap, like within a week!



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    Try the VPS forum...
    Because packets were meant to be delivered.
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