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    Amusing conversation

    [16:48] yeahok: me and my friends just started up a clan and we were wonderin g if u would like to spncor us
    [16:46] yeahok: just tog et us started
    [16:47] nemesisservers: We can't, sorry.
    [16:47] yeahok: oh ok
    [16:47] yeahok: but can i get the server
    [16:47] yeahok: maybe'
    [16:47] yeahok: i will keep in touch
    [16:48] nemesisservers: We can't give a free server.
    [16:48] yeahok: ok
    [16:48] yeahok: wat about jsut like helping us pay
    [16:49] nemesisservers: Sorry
    [16:49] yeahok: ok
    [16:50] yeahok: u like men
    [16:51] yeahok: wanted to by a server
    [16:51] yeahok: i dont any mroe
    [16:51] yeahok: ur server are to muvch
    [16:51] nemesisservers: So I like men?
    [16:51] yeahok: yes
    [16:51] nemesisservers: Okay

    Homosexuality is now attributed to having rock bottom prices, but not low enough. He then decided he was going to funservers because they are the "#1 provider of lag-free game servers."

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    I use to get so many of those a day. First they ask nicely, then they insult you, as if that will change it and make us give it to them.

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    I seriously get about 50 of these a day, and I'm only a web host. Although I find it rather interesting to have about 20 requests a day for game servers, when I even put "we don't provide game servers" in our greeting and topic

    Ah, the gaming community. Where would web hosts be without them? I know where, with a more steady client base! (I know you're game servers, just saying from my point of view)
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    Thanks, you have given me a "tip" and most likely didn't even know. My site will have some sort of a disclaimer about not being involved with game servers.

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