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    [FOR HIRE] Flash/Graphic Designer

    I'm am currently in need of a designer to design and code a real estate template using Flash, etc. I have some sample websites that I would like to give the designer as an idea of what I am looking for.

    My budget for this project is $200 - $300 and will lead to other projects.

    Designer must be either a company, or an individual willing to accept a 1099 if total payments exceed $600.

    Please PM me or email me at david AT rtservices DOT net with your portfolio and phone number so that I may follow up with you.

    I need an experienced Flash designer so please do not PM me unless you have worked with Flash. Also design experience in the real estate industry is a plus.


    David Adkins

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    hi i already PMd you about this we are very much interested in doing the flash design for you the problem is you might think that we're from the US but we're not so that 1099 (tax documentation)thing I dunno how to handle that.. but other than that i don't we would be having any problem so long as you can pay in either epasporte storm pay or western union

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    What do you mean by coding website in flash? Using actioscript for some hard codes?

    I am good with desining in flash but not with some hard coding.


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    I do not wish to have the entire design in flash. I only wish to have a flash header. The rest of the website should be made in HTML and graphics. I apologize for the confusion.

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    Well, in that case I am interested in working with you on that website.

    My latest work close to real estate is

    You can check my portfolio here

    And you can contact me over MSN - carterado AT if you are interested in my services.


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