Does your host cheat you on size and bandwidth? Do they lock you in on a single plan, and charge oodles of money JUST to add a domain? Well we don't do that.

My name (nickname) is Xbot. I run a hosting service off of a collocation system, which has a massive amount of hard drive space and a super fast connection to the outside world.

You will get:

* Unlimited email accounts
* Unlimited SQL DBs (PostgreSQL / MySQL)
* 2 Addon domains (you can add more later at no charge)
* Downtime Compensation (2 days for every 1 day offline)
* Up to 150GB of space
* Up to 200GB of Bandwidth

Remember, this is a collocation, so you will get the best speed at the best price. If you are interested, please email xbot[at] with your name and the amount of space/bandwidth you'd like. We'll give you a custom quote (NO FREE/SPONSORED REQUESTS), and if you don't like it, we have some inches to budge.