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    Traffic Totals without MRTG

    I have a client who is interested in giving his hosting customers a page to see their transfer for the month. He doesn't want to use MRTG. He would rather it be like the bandwidth used page in cPanel. No need to see long term stats, or rapidly updating live graphs. In fact, no need for graphs at all. Just a number indicating traffic used, possibly what's left for them and a percentage. Minimum, something that updates daily and shows monthly traffic used. Installing cPanel (monthly fee) is overkill for this, IMO.

    Anyone know of a script or way to track and graph only traffic used on a per IP basis pretty simply? Any pointers to tutorials or sites on how to set this up for him manually is fine as well. I have never done this and it would probably be nice to learn how for the future.

    Thanks in advance!
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