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    Trying USA webhosts first time, any advices?

    Hey, I have been using finnish webhost cause they often give nice support, like in messenger and always kind responseS, never "too busy". But, I have heard that webhost that are located oin USA has better features. Current is 11 /month (euros), 500 mb, and 10 g bandwidht. I have browsed many sites (using search here too) but many sites offers great deals, and in return you get... * (no dirty words, wanna be nice today) instead.

    So, is there any common stay away / trusted sites. There is many "search webhost" sites, but they dont have so much comments or feedback about webhost. If you are wondering why im searching so much now, im avaible to use paypal (maybe) soon. Current host is down a lot, slow upload in big files and so on. I really need fast, trusted site with better bandwidht & webspace. Am I asking too much and should I just smoke my gigarette and forget, or is there any hope?

    *Ups, kinda long message, I should edit this shorter but it might get confusing after that, specially with my english*

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    Actually, FTP upload speed, site browsing speed,ping time and uptime of your site depends on the location of your servers and where you are connecting from. If you are in Europe and you are trying to reach to a date in the States, there are many factors which might interrupt the connection. I think best solution for highest uptime and fastest connection is to have a server in your own country.
    And its true that in the States they offer better rates than europe. Because the prices are in US Dollars instead of Euro and secondly, the technology in there is quiet advanced.

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    Have you tried the HostQuote facility here at WHT? I would bet there are a ton of hosts that could do what you want.
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    It would be very difficult to give you a list of good/bad webhosts. What you can do is search through these forums and come up with a list of, for example, 15 webhosts, then narrow down the list by (1) searching for reviews on the hosts here on WHT and (2) sending questions off to their sales team to test the responsiveness of their support.
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    When you select a webhosting company, do look how their support is. If the support engineers are really good, go for it!!!

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    yes , of cource usa does a good job in hosting and you can get an good deals at lower prices.

    but beware , try not to get with some who are worse in support and uptime.

    There are good and bad ones and you have to pick the correct one who u think is perfect.

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    Check out - their service and uptime is excellent! Also check up on some of the reviews done on HG on this site - you'll see their rating is excellent..
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    I live in Europe, and I use US webhosts. For instance, I use Micfo and experience excellent speed + uptime.
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    but they dont have so much comments or feedback about webhost. is known as a very good tool for finding feedback on hosts.

    My advice is to remember what you used to get for your 11 euros (13 dollars) and not get too mesmerised by the huge allotments at minuscule prices you can see in the US hosting market. Most US hosts will be a better deal monetary wise anyway, so I recommend you to concentrate on finding a good host.

    Good luck in your search!

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