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    Please review

    This is not a hosting website, but I have just completed the design of a debt information site.

    This site has a one-way blog, free articles on debt are posted in the articles section of this site, but users may not comment on the articles. These articles are posted daily. The site contains a xml feed on the last 20 articles posted.

    The main page (and other sub pages) is automatically updated with new content whenever new articles are posted in the articles section. Everything is pulled from this site and there are no xml scripts used.

    This is my first attempt in developing this type of site. I would be interested in hearing comments or suggestions on this site. Positive or negative comments are welcome.

    Debt Help
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    The layout is generaly quite nice and I like the well defined headers, though more impressive graphics would give a better feel to the site. However i feel you have definately gained a professional site status.

    I really would consider the colour of the links in the far right box - when i loaded the site i instantly saw them as ads. They are the same colour as the google ones you have on definately change that.

    Navigation around the site is good, no fussing around and getting side-tracked by unnecessary features. good job.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    When I designed this site, I wanted the user interested in returning back to this site in the future or on regular basis. This is why I post articles daily.

    I did not want the site to look like it is flooded with ads, annoying the visitor, and have very little content. I designed google ads (and ads to be added in the future) to look the same as the website content. I thought that this approach would not distract the user from seeing the content. But when looking at the content, the user will see the ads. Is this approach not advisable for a maximum benefit on clicking google ads?

    One issue that I could not decide on is the size of the font. Are the fonts the correct size/color on the articles at ?

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