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    How do i check stats?

    I have analog installed on my VPS. I can never find out the unique hits .

    What number there shows my unique hits

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    I don't like analog, try's much easier to read, provides loads of information, and very useful.
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    I would recommend Webalizer. It's the best stats generator I've found, and it's open source (which makes it even better).
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    Where are the unique hits on webalizer? (i have that too on my cpanel)

    I dont have awstats cuz its a VPS. And i dont know how to isntall it.

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    Originally posted by elementskater
    I would recommend Webalizer. It's the best stats generator I've found, and it's open source (which makes it even better).
    I'm actually not sure if webalizer displays unique hits or not. I was unable to find it. I think that the hits which are displayed may be unique, just not labelled that way.
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    The "total unique sites" value seems to indicate total unique hits.

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    Can somebody please tell me what 'hits' show? As I know what uniques show and page views, but 'hits', whats this show?
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    I' would highly recoommend Urchin stats:

    They provide detailed stats with nice menus and presentation, plus clients love them.

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    I would recommend AWStats, it will show you what you need.

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    "Hits" ... I'm not too technical, but I believe it shows the number of documents requested - which includes not only html-files but image files etc. also.
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    thanks guyz..
    I got my company where I got my VPS from install AWstats

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    I Use Aw Stats and its great.. Hasnt let me done one bit.. Good Choice

  13. A hit is a request for any file, html pages, images, script files.

    So if you have a page with 5 images and say a .js file. Every time that page is viewed it is counted as 7 hits.
    (The page + images + script file)

    Hits are useless when calculating visitor figures. Use Page Views or Unique visitors instead

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