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    Review: Web Host & Design Tools Directory (

    We have just launched, Web Design & Hosting Tools Directory

    We want some review from WHT Members.


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    This site is very pleasing to the eye (with its clean look), and loads at a good speed - always a bonus, visitors will be put off by a slow loading webpage.

    I feel you have hit it perfect when producing descriptions and all of the website text. You are told what you need and can get what you need fast. Sure, there aren't many websites listed under the categories of your site but they will come with time and visitors.

    I like it

    Good job.

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    Thanks Mut_101 for your nice comments

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    Your site is clean and easy to read. It looks good over all.

    Obviously once you get going more you'll be able to start filling the right side Sponsors menu.

    The only thing I would suggest is to add a slogan underneath your logo so that when a visitor arrives at your site, they'll immediately know what it's about.

    Something like - "web host & design tools directory" ;-)

    Other than that, it has a easy to use interface.

    All the best.

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    Hi muzakman,

    We have worked on your suggestion and placed subtitle, Thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate it.

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