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    (UK)Gaming Servers with Unlimited Gaming Bandwidth

    Dedicated Gaming Servers from 79.95 per month

    No Bandwidth Charges!

    Dedicated gaming server capable of running multiple game slots, run all your favourate games like

    Counter Strike
    Battlefield 2
    Battlefield 1942
    Call of Duty
    And many more.....

    Start your own Gaming Company TODAY!!!

    With a choice of operating system either Windows 2003(WebEdition) or Linux (Redhat, Fedora, Slackware,Suse etc).

    We connect each gaming server to 100Mb connection which connects directly to our gigabit local lan, which has some of the best peering to other providers, making it zero lag and very low ping times.What's more is your server will have no bandwidth limits, just a full 100Mbit connection.

    FREE TeamSpeak Licences

    Each dedicated gaming server comes complete with 100 user Team speak licences.

    Why Core ISP ?

    3 Full time System Engineers
    Cisco Trained Networks Engineer
    We run our own suite of over 25 Racks
    Multiple redundant connection to the Internet (LEVEL 3, TISCALI, COGENT)
    Monthly rolling contract

    AMD 64Bit CPU
    512Mb Ram (upgradeable to 2Gb)
    80Gb Harddisk
    100Mb Network Connection

    Choice of AMD 64bit CPU

    3000+ 64bit 79.95 per month
    3200+ 64bit 84.95 per month
    3700+ 64bit 99.95 per month

    All servers are connected to a 100Mb connection and are unmetered.

    FREE Upgrade to 1Gb Ram with any order before 15th July 2005

    Order Online Now

    Any questions please email [email protected]

    Thanks Paul
    Colocation :: Dedicated Servers :: Web Hosting :: ADSL :: SDSL :: Transit

    Peering at: LINX, Exchangepoint, Lipex, Lonap, Proximity, Free IX and soon Ams IX

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    Unlimted = No go area on
    Unmetered = yes

    So in effect your servers have unmetered transfare not unlimited!

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    Originally posted by narl
    Unlimted = No go area on
    Unmetered = yes

    So in effect your servers have unmetered transfare not unlimited!
    what a pointless post.

    back to the thread, any IP to ping?

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