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    Warning you all.. Godaddy is the worst web host I have ever had dealings with.

    Horrible technical support.
    The .NET application housed on their server went down with an internal server error.. They refuse to look into the error and are blaming the application code.
    I placed a test project on the site without any code.. Just a textbox and the error message still occured...

    They still content that it is an issue with the .NET application.
    Anyhow, I am now forced to move from Godaddy and find another host.

    Anyone have any suggestions on a host. IIS + .NET + Excellent tech support ?
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    Also have 2 hosting accounts with goddady and experienced problems with them! Had my hosting account down for 1 week showing "Bad Request (Invalid hostname)"

    They bought time from me saying it was changes to dns that would take an average of 48hours. I knew from the begining it was something more serious! They first level support are very basic!

    Try, they specialise at win2003 hosting, asp, asp .net....

    No complains whatsoever till now! Very good support!
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    Thanks.. I will definitely check these guys out
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    For a .NET application hosting solution I would recommend
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    I would have to recommend not using any host that runs IIS. It'll be a matter of minutes before your site's hacked.
    Affordable website hosting.
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    I agree with the staying away from IIS. I used it for a while because of my dependence on ASP, but I eventually ported everything over to PHP. It's simpler than you think. Plus, you can install something called SHH (.shh extension anyway, been a while...) that is *very* similar to ASP syntax.

    Apache+Linux/Unix/BSD/etc is one hard to beat combination.
    Steven Eppler
    Eppler Software Hosting
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    Anything with "Microsoft" attached to it usually isn't a good choice...
    Because packets were meant to be delivered.
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    I would say it's impossible to beat that combination.
    Affordable website hosting.
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    Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience, I hope you find a better host to meet your requirements.
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