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    About samba

    Hello all,

    I want to map a network drive in my windows 2000, so that I can access the files under the linux servers. The primary reason for doing this is becasue I store all streaming media files in linux servers and I need win 2000 WMS to stream the files from the linux servers.

    The question is if I have several linux servers, am I need to install samba in each linux servers? So that win 2000 can map a network to each servers?

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    Yes, unless the linux machines share files over NFS and one is the samba server.

    I'd personally take the performance hit and use NFS client software on the windows machine to read files exported via NFS from the linux machines.

    WRQ's Reflection NFS is the only NFS client for windows of any value at all. It's less than $150 and works well. Since NFS is native to any modern unix, it will make sharing files between your linux machines easier as well. Samba complicates things more than you may need.

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