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    Unlimited Bandwidth does not exist?

    I often hear people mention about unlimited bandwidth does not exist but it seem that there are still a number of web hosting provider which are providing unlimited bandwidth and even unlimited Diskspace.

    I have read through a thread over at about the unlimited badwidth does not exist, seem kinda funny but quite true. the poster mention he saw it somewhere but he post it to share with the members.

    any comments about unlimited bandwidth?
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    Hello, burylow

    Well what can I say?, if unlimited there will be many many problems that will arrive. I really dont know why they would advertise unlimited bandwidth and unlimited Diskspace. A server and hard drive only handles so much. just imaging me with unlimited, boy what I can do with that!. You know what some one should really do, is to try out those offers and see what happends.
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    Re: Unlimited Bandwidth does not exist?

    Originally posted by burylow
    any comments about unlimited bandwidth?

    There are a gazillion threads about it already if you have a year to spend reading them
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