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    Problem when designing in Dreamweaver

    Hello, everyone

    Im haveing a problem when I design my pages in Dreamweaver.
    Ok when I go to see my page in firefox web browser the page looks fine. Then when I go and see the page in Internet Explorer it looks very diferent, some items I cant see and some are out of line. Now what Im I doing wrong here?

    please can someone help me?

    Thank you

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    What about in Netscape?

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    I havent checked that out yet I would have to download it.


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    The thing is my webdesigner guy is out to next week so im going crazy here with that problem.

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    HTML and CSS are interpreted differently by seperate browsers. Each have their own set of rules and will view the webpage as they see fit.

    Not a problem with Dreamweaver, it's a problem with your code

    We can't really help unless the code is posted.

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