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    Thumbs up : : FreeBox : : A Great Remotely-Hosted ShoutBox


    our teams have written a great script for all to use

    FreeBox- Remotely-hosted on a fast server.
    It got a lot more features than a usual remotely hosted shout/chat box.
    Features include:
    -Admin online panel
    -Enable or disable the FreeBox
    -Flood Control with editable time setting
    -Enable/Disable User Online feature
    -Enable/Disable swearmode
    -Enable/Disable smileys for certain locations
    -Clickable smilies (OutStandin..)
    -Enable/Disable Html
    -Enable/Disable certain options
    -Selection of timezone available
    -Edit time/date format
    -Edit Shout's length
    -Enable/Disable ban mode
    -Adjust direction of the shouts
    -Selection of languages and Editable too..
    -View/Delete/Edit Shouts..
    -Editable the sitename
    -Editable border/background color
    -Smilies's color selection
    -Editable css (template)
    -Editable admin's detail

    FreeBox click here for one
    Server is equipped with 3ghz pentium with 512RAM.
    Site is monitored by uptime monitoring system with 99% uptime.

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    Well done ... u guys ROX ... A round of applaus

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    thanks for your comment...

    we just released our script and suprised to receive so many positive comments

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    for those who do not want to register but would like to take a look...

    here it is..


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