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    GoDaddy Webhosting, Good, Bad?

    What does everyone think about this webhost? Is the prices good for what you get? How about their Features and Support? Any Negative Comments?

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    Hello, nebbie04

    From what I know I dont like there service whats so ever, I had there service for 1 week and got out. Control panel not my taste,I like cpanel, the speed was not good at all, and last support tickets were not answered in time, I ended up resolving my problems asking arround forums.

    good luck

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    If you search the forums, you will find many reviews on them good and bad.

    Best of luck with your search!

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    Godadddy is a horrible webhost..

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    Same opinions here!
    Have 2 hosting accounts there, and can say one thing transfering and authoring website on their servers is verys slow, about 1KB/s.

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    Some people like them. Some do not. But it's personal preference, I think.

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    Godaddy is just to big for hosting. I've heard some horror stories about Godaddy.

    Stay away.

    Richard M.

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    IMHO, companies should stick to what their core business is, and do that one thing well rather than branching out to too many things and doing it semi-well or not well at all.
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    I was contemplating their service, but based on what I've heard it certain does not seem to be for me. However I would have to disagree with jslivko with regards to branching out. A company like GoDaddy should have the capital to create a very impressive hosting company if they chose to. So the idea of branching off is not the problem at hand, but rather the method in which it is done.

    Although I can't comment specifically (without being hosted by GoDaddy), it would seem they have not invested the type of capital required to ensure, as others have mentioned, that transfer rates are so slow. Either that or they overload their servers (I'm sure they don't have issues selling hosting to their abundant domain clients).

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    If your domain name is registered with them then AVOID hosting the domain with them.

    I prefer to keep the registration and hosting separate.
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    I have seen alot of complaints on these boards regarding Godaddy hosting. They seem to be good for domain names but lack the services and personaized support required for web hosting.

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    Godaddy isn't such a bad host...

    I think it comes down to what your needs are.

    Godaddy has good uptime and reliable service.

    However, if you are an experienced web person (designer, developer, etc. etc.) then Godaddy really isn't the best choice.

    Godaddy's web hosting is designed, like most of the bigger guys, to be directed towards the new web hosting persons. Such as personal sites and small, non-major development sites.

    Hosting providers, as I have learned, have different goals and different target markets... Godaddy has always positioned itself to the novice web person and does a good job with that.


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