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    [CODED/UNIQUE] Awsome Hosting template w/Flash + business design

    Alright guys. Today, I've got a really awsome hosting template. It is unique and very original. It comes coded, with a flash menu, and a sub page. You get all the rights you want, and all the files. This has never been sold, and will never again be sold.
    Check it out here:
    Sub page here:

    This is a really awsome design, so I'm looking to make fair bit. Let's get the bidding started at $125. Buy it now price is $175

    I also have this business design. It's got a good feel, but it's just a psd. See it here:

    I'm asking $30 for this, starting bid. BIN price $50.

    If you want both of them, I'm selling them as a pack, for $200 This is not an auction for the pack, but the first person to offer 200 for this. Post SOLD! for any of them here, and your price/ SOLD for (BIN price of what you want). You can also contact me any other way.
    I'll let this go until I get an offer above the starting bid, and if you offer somewhat below, I'll consider, but keep it open for two days or so.
    Thanks guys, looking for a quick sale for these awsome designs.
    aim: iDeviseFlash
    [email protected]

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    Your first design is amazing. Good work. You shouldn't have any problems selling that one!

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    I agree with Mekhu,

    First one is really amazing. Good luck with the sale.
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    Thanks guys! Current high bid of $125 on the first layout over at SitePoint. I will let the bid run until 12PM EST, so if you want any of these, bid now!

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    I wouldnt give away such a nice design so cheap
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    lol, find me someone to buy it for "not so cheap" and I'll give you a commission

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    new high bid of $175 on the first one.

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    Design has been SOLD!

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