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    Question Who is Number One for Customer Support?

    Hello I am new to this industry and i think i would value customer support most. Who do you think is best all round with top noch customer support?

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    Welcome to WHT.

    Well this industry is pretty big and there are number of companies that are known for their customer support. Remember, there are two aspects to customer support one is Preventive and the other one is Reactive .

    Most of the time you may not come to know explicitly about some of the Companies doing very well on Preventive measurements. This in fact, reduce the occurence of problem to a great extent, and even the clients at times don't realise that their company is running a very tight ship.

    In terms of Reactive, there would be one where most of the support would be client specific, like requiring some scripts to be installed and other client specific troubles. Other would be, in area where there is issue or problem affecting multiple customers. In both the cases, the comapany needs to be blazing fast in responding any of clients queries. The key aspect for company is a) to understand clearly what client needs and then b) provide optimal solution suiting clients specific requirements.

    I would suggest to keep above in mind while looking company with top notch customer support. I would suggest you to spend some time searching this forum about some of customer support stories, reviews on their services, their uptime and so on.

    Then prepare a short list of your prospective hosts and have discussion at WHT about them.

    Wish you all the best!

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    Their are lots, most host try to please everyone as fast as they can. However, it would never be possible to tell who is really the best.
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    There are many with great support. But, as we people are different someone has no problems with the same support at all, somebody else has.
    There isn't 100% OK. It happens to everyone.

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    When I first started out, I used Eleven2 which has extremely fast support. They also offer quick support via AIM if you need that. Highly recommended!

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    hi, ryan_b83

    seach the forum out for that question and also you can check for your self by either calling the host or chating with them and ask them questions. But first try a search here in WHT.

    Good luck!

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    NeoGen, Good suggestion.

    Usually the customer contact their host providers when something goes wrong or when they have a question, this is the prime responsibility of the company to understand clearly the specific needs of the client and to provide optimal solution to their satisfaction level.

    You can also enhance your support by adding a complimentary support with the regular support that can differentiate you from (others).

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    Had eleven2 also was insane how fast they where dont know how they did it.

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    We worked a lot of hosting company since 2000. Site5's customer support is the best for us. They response our emails within 30 minutes. Their support team is working 24 hours every day.

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    It would be impossible to say who is number 1, and anyone who claimed to be would be slightly deceptive. There are a number of companies that work very hard to provide excellent customer support.
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