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    APF w/ antidos / mod_dosevasive

    Will it clash if I install antidos and mod_dosevasive on the same server? I thought antidos and dosevasive does the same so it may cause problems. My server might get many downloads next month so I want to limit the # of connections per IP to avoid them overloading server.

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    mod_dosevasive and APF should be just fine. I'm not sure about Antidos though as I have never used it.
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    Should be fine

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    mod_dosevasive and APFs antidos feature does the same will protect you from DOS attack...But i have read in some where that mod_dosevasive have some problems with frontpage i would suggest to just go forward with the apfs antidos feature...

    Also installing and configuring mod_security will be a good idea to protect your server...if you want to know more about Server Security then just go through this article..
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    Yes - dosevasive does break frontpage extensions if anyone on the server is using them.

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