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    Hey. I was considering as their website lists off a pile of scripts they had, included in that were coppermine photo gallery, gallery & 4 images gallery.

    However, I emailed them and they said they don't have GD or ImageMagick. How can that be so? Won't they at least need them to make thumbnails? I know coppermine does.

    I'm not going with them anyway. They took too long to respond and only accept paypal

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    Hmmm, that sounds unlikely. Maybe the person responding just didn't know for sure or checked in the wrong location?
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    Not sure. But they were cheap, took a few days to respond and from that it doesnt look like they know what they are talking about

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    They could be new to the industry. That still isn't an excuse for lack of knowledge though as a good company generally has one or more consultants they can probe for information.
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    New or old, web host should never hide their information under the domain using WhoisGuard.

    All information is hidden using WhoisGuard, there is no way of contacting this host except a form.

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