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    Thumbs up hosting advice needed

    hello everyone. i hope that my stupid newbie request does not make anyone mad, but i could really use some help. i know absolutely nothing about hosting as i have never used a web host other than free ones such as geocities. i need a host for the professional and personal pages i plan on creating. my professional page will be nothing more than maybe a flash intro and a site to display my resume, personal info, etc. my personal site is more for my friends. i wanted to put up a blog and also a phpBB forum. i also plan on posting both my own and some of my friends pics. i have a lot of friends. i have absolutely no idea how much storage and bandwidth i will need to pull this off so any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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    I'd be surprised if your disk space exceeding 100mb and your monthly bandwidth exceeded 2Gb per month with a new site. Take a look in the Shared Hosting Offers forum here or visit to get started. You'll be able to get VERY inexpensive hosting with your requirements.

    Try and look for a host with CPanel and Fantastico, which will auto-install your blogging application (and I believe PHPBB too).
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    Generally a plan with a 1GB of Store and no more than 50-60GB of transfer will be more than enough for that type of site.
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    Welcome to WHT!

    It doesn't sound like your pages are going to consume much storage space or bandwidth at all. You'll be fine with less than 1 GB space (unless we're talking about A LOT of pictures) and 10 GB or traffic. My best advice is, don't try to get the most storage and bandwidth for the cheapest price. Do your research, search these forums for reviews, and pick an established and reliable host.

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    I think if you run a blog a forum and a very simple html based website you will not need more than 200-250 MB space in near future.

    All you will need is couple of mysql database with your hosting package to run the forum and blog (phpbb/wordpress etc)

    So, look for a host who offers few subdomains/mysql databases and minimum 200 mb webspace along with 4-6 GB bandwidth. You can find such host very easily around WHT. Just search on the forums.

    Let the community know which host you are going and why it might help visitors and users to find a better host after all.

    Good luck with your personal site.

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    Hi kdiggz10


    1) Most hosting sites are capable of accomodating your hosting requirements for less than US$5.00 per month.

    You need at least 1GB of disk space and less than 5GB of bandwidth transfer.

    2) Do not hastily sign up with any hosting companies. kdiggz10, think carefully about the goals that you want to do for your site.

    There are many websites that can offer you the things you want to do for free. What kind of personal information do you want to place online for web users to read other than blogs? If you want to keep a log book, consider tblog,, or

    3) kdiggz10, as for your resume, flash intro and personal info site, I suggest that you sign up with host that can offer excellent scripting features for you. There are many PHP scripts available on the web that can help you to do these effectively and conveniently.

    Hope you find the host that you like.


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    Welcome to WHT, kdiggz10!

    Clever of you to come to WHT for such information . Just don't go and do something stupid now, like getting yourself an 'unlimited' webhost or one that offers you the moon for a shoe lace. That would be a sure way of having your friends share your frustration of getting 404 responses from your site or unlimited downtime.

    Browse around WHT and you should be able to see some serious webhosts around. All the best to you!
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    Thumbs up

    a big thank you to everyone for your help and for the warm welcome! i have been to forums in the past and have found it commonplace for senior members to bite your head off if you ask what is deemed a stupid newbie question. i am blown away by the warm greetings and friendly responses.

    i like to be as informed as possible when making any decision. in my hours of google searches, i stumbled upon this forum. what a great resource! this is exactly what i was looking for...real world experiences and not another paid advertisement proclaiming themselves the best web hosts around. by reading some threads and doing some searches, i was able to narrow my choices down to a few reliable hosts.

    as for my hosting decision, i decided to go with site5. the general consenus seemed mostly positive regarding their service, speed, and uptime. this seems like a lot to ask of a shared low-budget host so they seem to be doing a good job of taking care of this customer market. they offer 3 gigs of space which should be plenty, 50 gigs of bandwidth which seems like it should be enough, and my blog and forum software already installed. for $6.95 i cant really ask for much else, but i have heard that they have great customer service also.

    for my domain name i went to godaddy because i found a $1 off coupon. woo hoo!

    again, thank you all for your help and support. hopefully this will help another newbie like me that is looking for some answers. thanks!

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    Don't be calling yourself a newbie, it sounds harsh to me .
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