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    hiring customer service/qa tech

    I have long been a lurker on webhostingtalks forums, but have never posted. This will be the first, hope it turns out well.

    I need to increase the number of people who do customer service/qa at my hosting company.

    I require two people to handle the load (one full time, one part time) but this post is just for the first position because the training curve is pretty steep and time consuming on my part so I need to get that person in place (second person will likely be in alternate time zone).

    So first person is:
    *based in the USA.

    *productive working from home.

    *a person that if they have children or pets or other housemates, the children won't be screaming in the background when I call, dog won't be barking, robot won't be beeping, etc. (i.e., they have a place in their home that is conducive to communicating with me).

    *available to work 6 days a week. Only 5 will be required but must be available 6 days, so that I can pick the 5 on as needed basis (i.e., we rotate coverage of weekend days).

    *a person with a good sense of humor, because in this job you have to laugh and it helps you get over the part where you feel like crying.

    *great at writing detailed step by step instructions. If we notice an issue is being posted on the helpdesk too often, we write a helpfile for it and put it in our highly customized controlpanel to reduce ticket volume and customer frustration.

    *patient with people who don't write well.

    *a person who strives for perfection, but forgives themselves and others for mistakes.

    *a great speller (we don't have a spell check on our helpdesk even though we could use it).

    *patient when people bless them with whatever religious words they think are appropriate (i.e., we have Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, etc all as customers). Customers get to have religion, we don't express any nor do we ever take offense when they do, no matter how effusive they get.

    *able to travel to LA via plane or car (no more than 4 hours commute time if car) 2-4 times a year.

    *loyal, and looking for a place to call home permanently.

    *willing to wear pager (in the future)

    *HTML skills, both hand coding and using applications like Dreamweaver.

    The above is the must haves, the below is the nice to have list:
    *FrontPage experience
    *cpanel and WHM experience
    *.htaccess editing/configuring

    The pay during training is $15/per hour. When you can cover the desk by yourself on a Tuesday (Monday being a day no one can cover by themselves), then you get a raise to $20. After that raises are aggressive and tied customer growth (which is steady), performance and increased responsibility. Individual salary limit at company is 96K a year, for all employees and partners, but we have other potential incentives to offer.

    Fell free to private message me or post back here.

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    I would like to speak with you regarding this, if you possibly have a phone number I can reach you at?

    I have worked with numerous companies, many of them to be the leaders in the industry and believe my experience along with my love of this business would be a great asset to you and your company.

    My email is [email protected], you can contact me there anytime.

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    Hello, my name is Michael Collins. I am very interested in your job offering. From the sound of your post, the company seems to be very respectable. It would be an honor to dedicate myself to a company such as this. My availability is any day of the week, at any shift. I live in the United States, no kids or pets, am good with step by step instructions, and have a good sense of humor. I believe that takes care of your first requirements. I would be a very loyal employee. As far as my technical experience, I would consider myself very knowledgeable. I ran my own hosting company for about three years. During this time, I ran two Red Hat Linux Dedicated Servers with cPanel/WHM. My client base was around 50-60, and I handled all of the support/server administration myself. My experience includes your required skills, plus many more web-related skills. I dealt with just about every sort of problem that could have occurred. Feel free to contact me. My email address is [email protected] and my phone number is (757) 358-4099.

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    Replying to all

    Dear community,

    I will reply to everyone who posts on this thread until the position is filled.

    I am grateful to be getting such great responses.

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    Hello LoyaltyAddict,
    I am interested in the QA position. I have 7 years experience in testing applications, and leading. Extensive knowledge of QA practices, test plan & test case creation, working in a team environment and working closely to development in the testing lifecycle and deplyoment to production environment.
    I also have worked on various OS's from Mac OS 7, OS X to Linux,Solaris.
    Also worked extensively for several years on UNIX platform utilizing Java, PL\SQL & Commerce Server for Windows platform and recently .NET platforms, and am quite familiar with WHM & CPanel, and Direct Admin, .htaccess, dreamweaver and much more.
    I live in Canada on the west coast (BC), but do visit California yearly since I was raised in the Southern-California area (LA County).
    I look forward to hearing from you. contact me at [email protected]
    Kind Regards,

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    I have one questoin, can you disclose which company this is for? Perhaps I missed it, but would like to know for whom I would be working.

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    Dear Human Resources Manager:

    Hello! I am replying back to your posting on - The Employment Offers Section about a Customer Service position you have available within your organization. I am interested in getting to know more about you & the operations that you run. Please inform me of your email address so i can forward my resume over and we can discuss the about your company & the career opportunity you have available. I am located in Texas, near Austin. Travel to L.A. (Los Angeles) California is no trouble for me from Texas.

    Thank you! and I hope to hear from you very soon.


    Einnar Rodriguez
    Self Employed Web Developer
    Telephone: 1-830-857-3690
    Email: [email protected]

    Coming Soon!
    The IArt Studio, LLC
    Rack Geek, LLC
    Proactive Systems Administration - Managed Hosting - Wordpress Consulting - Security Audits
    Call us: 877-970-7225

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    As a preamble, if you're looking for an employee that will be loyal to you simply because you're paying them to perform a service, skip this "application." I'm loyal to companies because of they way they treat me -- but more importantly, their clients.

    Regardless of the paycheck.

    My name's Shawn Weeks -- for the past three (3) years, I've worked from my apartment performing marketing and consulting services to clients in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom. My current job is very flexible and allows me to undertake other opportunities and endeavors. Before entering into the world of marketing, I was a freelance designer for several years.

    I have management and interpersonal skills that would absolutely thrive in a Customer Service enviroment, if given the opportunity. I meet every technical requirement you listed, plus much more.

    I'm currently located in Charleston, South Carolina. I get married July 30th, 2005 and move in with my (then) wife directly afterwards. Staci, my fiance, understands the level of concentration and professionalism I strive to keep while working in my home office, so, rest assured, I will be completely dedicated to the goals or tasks at hand when needed.

    If you feel like learning more, give me a call at (843)303-4836. If e-mail is more convenient for you, get in touch at [email protected].

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    Thanks to all the responses so far...

    I responded to everyone personally, except the following two people for the following reasons:

    1) Bones, you are not in the USA (i.e., Canada) I did not respond, because of the cost of calling on a daily basis would not be appropriate for us at this time.

    2) Shawn, You had a misspelled word in your posting. But I did want to say I appreciated reading that you understand that who one chooses to live with, and partner with, affects a personís ability to be valuable to their employer and team they work with.


    In response to Douglas H, you, didnít miss anything, I intentionally didnít say the name of the company. I am disclosing that to people who provide their email address and some compelling reason to contact them.

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    1) Bones, you are not in the USA (i.e., Canada) I did not respond, because of the cost of calling on a daily basis would not be appropriate for us at this time.
    No problem Loyaltyaddict. A solution to that problem would be using software such as Skype or netmeeting to facilitate voice communication which eliminates the overhead of incurring long distance telephone costs, and allows business to proceed, so with that solution proposed in order to eliminate the cost would you still be willing to consider my application for employment?
    Thank you,

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    I apologize for the typo (not a misspelling, but the same mistake nonetheless). I'm sorry that my qualifications and abilities to perform the job at hand are overshadowed by the lack of an additional letter in the word "environment."

    I would be much more careful when crafting responses to clients -- and much more attentive. I regret that I did not treat the response to you with the same magnitude. I hope you can look past the typo and realize that I have more than sufficient grammar and spelling skills.

    Either way, good luck in your search.
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    ďA solution to that problem would be using software such as Skype or netmeeting to facilitate voice communication which eliminates the overhead of incurring long distance telephone costsĒ


    I canít use those technologies on my cell phone, or a hotel phone, and I've got to be able to leave the computer some time... that's the point of hiring people for my team.

    But thanks for the thought you put into it.

    Best Regards,


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    Hello loyaltyaddict:

    I am very interested in this position. I am an extremely fast learner.
    I live in New Jersey and am willing to travel as needed.
    I live by myself, so there won't be any distractions during calls.
    I am available 7 days a week, whenever you should need me online.
    I have written a few step by step tutorials for a few friends, I can provide you with their emails or instant messengers should you wish to speak with any of them. I live in a very religiously diverse area, so clients religion is no problem with me.
    I am waiting on T-Mobile to replace a broken phone, but once it is replaced (They say 10-14 days..) I could call you half the time to cut down some on costs.
    I have intermediate to advanced HTML, PHP, and MySQL skills. Mostly by hand coding, but I have used applications on occasion.
    I have a small amount of .htaccess knowledge.
    cPanel / WHM is the only control panel I've used for 3 years now.
    Linux, in the form of RHEL3 and CentOS, is the only operating system I've learned server administration on.
    I am a very patient man. I help a lot of friends with their clients and servers. I also have aided them on their support tickets and live help. I can provide references, should you want them.
    I love working on servers and helping people better their sites any way I can. I want to thank you for your consideration for this position.

    Christopher Ciufo

    eMail: [email protected]
    AIM: InvisionSrv

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    I am very intrested in this position, but seems I can't send you my cover-letter/resume cause your post limit hasn't met the forum requirements to recieve a PM.

    I can work the specified time and give more dedicated time for the company for such pay. I wish to send you my resume with cover letter so if you could please contact me at [email protected] and I will send over my cover letter with resume.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Thanks again for all the responses. I am communicating with everyone offline who is a viable candidate. I look forward to hearing from any further candidates.

    Joe, you had two spelling mistakes in your post. I indicated above that good spelling was a must have. Thanks for letting me know about the PM limit.

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    Me lol

    Hi i will pm you about my ablities

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    Please find my resume at this link,

    If you need a reference, I can give you my husband's number. I used to provide technical support for the company that he's working for. He's a programmer over there.

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    By the way, I can give you a one week free trial and you can decide then if you want me or not.

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    Dear loyaltyaddict,

    I am highly interested in the position you described. I have several years of experience in the web hosting business in sales, technical support, and administrative capacities. I also have a wealth of experience in customer service and understand the importance of focusing on the customer's needs. I would be happy to talk with you via email or phone about the position, and can provide a resume and references if you let me know where I should send them. If you wish to contact me privately, my email is [email protected]. Thank you kindly for your time.

    Jordan Bouvier
    Jordan Bouvier

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    I thank everyone for their response. I did hire someone but after 20+ hours it was clear it was not going to work out.

    I am taking a recovery week. I will be retooling the hiring process to include a series of sample issues and customer tickets to include in the interviewing process. As soon as I have gotten that prepped, I will contact everyone who wrote in, had no spelling errors and is located in the United States.

    Thanks again everyone for your interest... back with you next week.

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