I am looking for either a full-time, part-time or project-based employment as a PHP/MySQL programmer. I have 3 years of experience in PHP/MySQL, more in (X)HTML, CSS, XML etc. I have successfully debugged several web applications and therefore consider myself qualified above average concerning the security of my code, which rarely has any serious security issues - I see that this puts me forward from the average coder I have been introduced to, as I have seen some very insecure code written by otherwise great programmers.

I am a freelancer, not a third party employment office, therefore all the programming is done by me. Of course, there is an exception - as everybody should do what they do best and I am not going to be another one of those guys who have a mile-long list of qualifications - in case someone orders a full website, I will outsource design, Java, Flash etc work from people who do what they do best.

I will consider only paid offers, because I already have enough voluntary work and it does not pay the bills. I prefer to work at home.

My moto is that I provide you the solution and you provide me the payment. As it really is as simple as that, I will get the job done without any mess.
If you are tired of hassling with the programmers who can't complete what they promised, I am the coder you are looking for.

Please contact me by Private Message or email at ixan[at]starman[dot]ee. I am eager to hear from you.