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    Domain transfer question....

    I have had my current domain hosted on the same server for years, and I'm finally looking to move to a new host. I have realized, however, that the domain is registered under an e-mail address that no longer exists (ironically, the ISP hosting the e-mail changed domains).

    Does anyone know if there is any way to transfer the domain without simply letting the registration run out? I still have access to the phone number and mailing address given in the whois.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Please note that you only normally need to change the DNS settings to change hosting services. You should try to avoid transferring the domain name into the name of your new host. (See )

    To change the DNS settings for your domain name, you normally only have to login to your domain name account control panel (at most popular registrars) and then change the DNS settings (it's easy).

    It sounds to me, though, like you have misplaced/forgotten your login/password information for your domain name account. If this is so, then you will need to contact the registrar of record to see about recovering your login and password info.

    So, from the whois record, determine the registrar of record for your domain name and then go to their website and try to find the password/login recovery routine. If you cannot find such an area, then either submit a customer support ticket to them or send them an email. Please note that they may require you to prove to them who you are by faxing a driver's license or passport to them.

    Good Luck!
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    If your domain's with netsol, go ahead and give them a call.

    As 4solutions said, you don't necessarily have to transfer your
    domain to that hosting company if you're only going to change the
    DNS. The only time you'd need to do that is if the hosting company
    has explicitly said in their TOS or any of their legal fine prints that
    you have to do so.

    And welcome to the forum, too.

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    All you need to do is contact your ISP and tell them to change the email address. Its a 2 sec job. Do not let it run out as thats high risk.


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    Almost every registrar has a "fax transfer method" in which they dont rely on the email processing to do domain name transfers between registrars - they simply use a fax transmission with your signature, veryify whois to the FOA that you send in (the fax and photo id) and then they initiate the transfer at the registry.

    Enom (and all its resellers) do it this way, as well as tucows, and I believe NetSol.

    Once the domain is then in your control at the new registrar, you can update whois. You can probably update the whois at the current registrar as well by sending a fax matching the registrants whois data to them requesting it to be done - may want to check with them to be on the safe side first though. Some registrars have funky rules.

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