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    Music site for sale

    Today I am selling my site Myvibes and its network of sites.

    PR Ranking: PR1

    Site Registered with Domainsite
    Expires: Sept 2005

    You get the forums and Gallery.

    Well has you can see the forum isn't active anymore. So its your choice if you want it or not. The forum was upgraded from IPB 1.3 to 2.02. Its unlicensed.

    Looking for offers over $100


    clicksor: 0.50
    I recently startly clicksor.
    Goggle Adsense: I made about $90 for the 3 months

    Age of Site: 3 Months

    You get the whole network. Sites include: (MediasPlazza Afilliate Program) ( Affiliate Program) (Templatemonster Affiliate Program)
    You get the .PSD file
    and index page coded

    Each of these sites receive little traffic. All these sites expire Sept 2005.

    Main site stats:

    Stats Topsites
    Top 5 in Skandalouz Topsite
    Rating on Thuglife 100 3/5 stars

    Other stats:

    Link Popularity
    Yahoo: 211
    MSN: 230
    Alexa Rank: 1757483

    When Search Myvibes in Google there are 20,800 gets 438 Results

    You get these Three Banners:

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    nice collection. is it all hosted on cpanel accounts?

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    No only has Cpanel.

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    How much work a week does it take to keep everything going?

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    Have these been sold?

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