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    My Research for webhosting with Turnkey sites and BEWARE of...


    I posted this thread elsewhere with no responses. I have an update as well.

    Incredible newbie has been a lengthy process..patience puleeze.

    I am looking to be a hosting/site reseller for a couple specific industries that I am involved in...and need the best hosting provider available with the best quality, size, value, support, knowledge base, active forums with company involvement and excellent customer service.

    The Cost is not my issue on this search...Quality, Time and not spending excess money on items which are available elsewhere without added value.

    I prefer to do my own content and design via some turnkey solutions via the ones I found on prozilla.

    I have a prozilla membership account with the suggested hypershack. com / certahost. com (for now)
    I plan on moving to after I learn how to cope as a newbie. At this point I am going with the low risk turnkey / Site option.

    If anybody has prozilla turnkey account/membership feedback, suggestions, warnings while working with or / (or any other highvalue hosting) I would appreciate any well thought out comments

    I have found or to be non responsive to my emails, trouble tickets, their "contact us" links and forums appear to be inoperable. BEWARE!

    The contact information including email appears to be bogus or at the minimum...not up to date. The Email bounced back and the phone number, when I called it...the man never heard of Deb and said it was a "lodge in alberta canada"

    Thank you in advance..Below is my story...and the places I have already contacted.

    The STORY if you are interested......

    I have 6 websites on yahoo hosting..and moving them as soon as possible. ( Yahoo has Decent Size/Bandwidth, little support or knowledge when talking to someone and limitations to offerings )

    The cost vs services vs features vs support quality(non native english speakers, repeating myself, them repeating themselves, and subsequent miscommunication, forces me to move on.

    I am not a programmer any longer, never knew unix very well and little interest in spending too much time with it.

    I have business/products to sell via ebay, content and forums/discussions/weblogs on most of my sites with some ratings/review.

    My problem is (WAS) getting a site designed and managed without a large investment of time to program.

    Bought Frontpage, discovered that many of the 2003 features are not supported by yahoo hosting and more programming than I am interested in doing on my own.

    Discovered the Turnkey Site Concept, and found another revenue stream with 2 of my sites/industries. GREAT! I decided I could use a turnkey product, package it up and resell according to the market.

    Discoverd the Site Reseller Concept and further more avenues for selling to specific industries.

    Heard about, became a member, search, read, read, read, read, read.

    Started Researching for Turnkey solutions.
    I reviewed and sent email to the following places.

    4.1 at $59/$99 for multiple turnkey designs and no site included. With hypershack/ being 'suggested'. I can use much of their turnkey sites.

    4.2 for $199 and up for each turnkey. (But available MUCH cheaper thru a couple ebay auctions)
    with a site included and 'suggested'.
    I can use some of their hight quality turnkey sites, they do not have SOME of what I am looking for...but one is VERY important

    4.3 for $79 for multiple turnkey designs and one site.

    I reviewed and ignored the following for various reasons. different prices..but same as managed design available.
    turnkeywebpros different prices..but same as

    I send an email, including each of my website names, the usage details with a phone number requesting a callback to discuss my situation given my newness/scaredness of moving sites.

    ONLY called me !
    Keith (Kevin?) was incredibly nice, helpful and expressed a positive attitude about working with me as long as I was hosting at too...sounds reasonable enough.
    I cannot say it enough...he was incredibly customer service oriented. I commented about the hight price structure/value and he was incredibly positive.

    I started researching for Resellers..I contacted

    4a.1 who I used previously to give them another chance. Incredibly nice folks..but I had to move on when I had too much downtime at critical product release conference a few years back. Quality and timing of this response lacking. They still sound frantic. On paper, they do not provide enough value for their pricing of products.

    The site, services and forum appear to be limited services but speaking with one of the people certainly made me feel more comfortable.

    On I was referred to which pops up No phone numbers, email only, sketchy website documentation. But prozilla has the step by step process documented.

    On they have a phonenumber, called it...and they were closed. Site, site support and documentation appear to be better than most with limitations of hours and I cannot see what their customer/technial support is unless I purchase.

    I found out about and from a mention on this site. AMAZING. Their Site, Services and Apparent Expertise, with presales service as well as customer service upfront, on the site was a pleasant surprise. I called to see if they could/would help me. I spoke with Phil, who gave me responses that I could understand (I made sure he knew about my research and NEWNESS), prompt, didnt have to ask someone else about the questions, spoke clearly and comprehended all of my questions. When I asked for clarification of statements, terms etc...he was patient with me.

    My strategy is this..unless I learn something from a response with this group.

    Use Prozilla for most of my Turnkey Sites, with following their step-by-step process.

    Learn HOW to do what I need to.

    Learn how to do the same on ev1 hopefully from these forums.

    Learn the minimum of WHY I need to do certain things.

    Move a site over to

    Anybody know how to deal with turnkeys with ev1 or a better quality and supported service?



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    Since you ask for feedback... I guess a "turnkey" site is some template that you use "as is", or with some minor customization?
    It is not something most serious webmasters would use.
    Learning basic HTML is really not very hard at all. There are also many other HTML editors besides the infamous FrontPage; for instance DreamWeaver.

    Just my 2 cents....
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    Thank you for your input, as such.

    To reiterate..the feedback I am soliciting is...

    "If anybody has prozilla turnkey account/membership feedback, suggestions, warnings while working with or / (or any other highvalue hosting) I would appreciate any well thought out comments. "


    "Anybody know how to deal with turnkeys with ev1 or a better quality and supported service?"

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    From what i have seen of turnkey prices recently, they are getting lower and lower, the real money from them is getting the hosting when you sell them on, unless you plan on running the sites your self.

    I have used the prozilla sites without any problems at hostgator, i havent used but im guessing you would be getting a dedicated server there. If you get a linux / unix machoine and spend a little time getting ti setup the same as the certahost servers then you wont have many problems. How ever you did say that you dont really want to learn unix / linux which means that you would be looking at a windows servers, which means you will run into probvems. The turnkey websites from proxilla work, but they are not designed to be that multi platformed, the where build on linux machines, and run best on them.

    My advice would be not to goto ev1servers, i would find a reseller account with a company that will let you go, hostgator for example do fully managed dedicated servers where basically for you it would be like a big resller account.

    Check out the offers and requests forums here at WHT, read some reviews and find a reseller
    Note to self: Add something funny!
    Search is your friend!

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    You should check out again. They have really changed over the past couple months with the plans, and servers. Great uptime, but now only email support.

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    Yes...they are trying harder via SPAM. apparently is trying to get sales by spamming offers to their former customers.

    I have a specific email address that I only used with them..and they are now sending "great deals" offers over and over again.


    provide a good service...people wont leave.

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