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    Setting up online store for newbie

    We have a current website that we wish to add ecommerce capabilities to. The site is 30-40 pages, and would not be difficult to transfer to a new host. We currently have no merchant account. The store will be small (<100 items). It would be great to interface with quickbooks. I'm not a computerphobe, but I'm no programmer either. I've done quite a bit of internet surfing on the subject, but because of my lack of knowledge, I have a hard time knowing what I need and comparing hosting options. Are there turnkey hosting sites? Is it better to get a merchant account from one source, a payment gateway from another, and a shopping cart from yet another?? I'm glad to keep doing research and would welcome advice on good sites to visit. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forums juncusbalticus!

    You might contact and talk to them. I think they have a shopping cart that can export to a QIF file.

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    I am not sure about this, but OSCommerce might provide a solution (I have no first hand experience with it, I have just seen it used quite a bit for online stores).
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    If you have a static html site which you need to integrate a with a shopping cart and require the ability to dump data into quickbooks - you should probably take a look at shopsite.

    They have several partners and most of them provide the complete suite - shopsite, ssl certificates, merchant accounts and gateways....

    You can purchase the license striaght out or you can lease it from one of their partners...

    Hope this helps...

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