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    Thumbs up Nice done Eurovps

    I seldom starts a thread just to praise anybody, as all others it's more when I have problems ;-)

    But this time I just had to give credits to Eurovpn that from day one of communication has been so nice and helpful to me. I was moving sites from another reseller account to them and as usual I was out in last minute to do things but they asked if they cold help me move those accounts (maybe not 100's of accounts but a few and some very big=over 1 gig) and a short time after they were moved, lazy as I am I asked them if they could move accounts from my other own server also to my account with them, and no problems.

    I know some hosts do this and that is good, but it's not only that they did this, it was their way of first asking if they could help me with it and then the info all along the way how things proceed.

    Of course I cannot yet give any rates of how good their hosting is, but the beginning promises good things so I hope I have made a good choice.

    so until now: Cheers and Kudos to Eric, Vasili and the others at Eurovps.

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    Thanks, Mabra!

    Please come back later (~6 months) with your updated review!!!
    Respect My Authoritah! - Eric Cartman (a friend of mine).

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